Google+ Equals Future Social Media Benefits For Musicians

Attention Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social media forums, you’ve met your match. The infamous Google jumped on the bandwagon in late June of this summer with its newest project, Google+, and since then has been growing in improvements, recognition, and overall popularity.

Google+ was originally restricted to users such as Google employees and journalists as a “limited field test” to get initial feedback and make appropriate changes, but now it has become available to users via invitation.  Paul Allen, serial entrepreneur and founder/CRO of Family Link, claimed in an article in The Huffington Post that through his calculations, Google+ reached over 10 million users and at one point had a 30% increase, suggesting that 2.2 million people joined Google+ within 32-34 hours.

Now what does this mean for musicians? How can we use this growing social medium to our own benefit? Well, it means we have some signing up to do! As a musician trying to promote yourself, it is your responsibility to know about these vital social media facets. A post by Chris Brogan, a professional technology software consultant, gave 50 reasons why Google+ is grabbing the spotlight.

One reason in particular happens to be the idea of “Circles”. It functions as a way for users to categorize their followers. This could be especially useful for musicians because you the ability to separate your personal information and activity, from what you want to be viewed publicly. You could have Circles for local fans, distant fans, record labels, journalists, publicists, fellow bands/artists, etc. So stop your square thinking, and start plugging into these Circles.

Google+ Hangouts are another plus for musicians. It is a personal, and simple way that you can “hangout” and connect with your fans. It is a Skype-like open forum that is perfect to use when you have a free moment to go online and spend time with people in your Circles. Here is a video that expands on Google+ Hangouts:

An additional aspect of Google+ to keep your eyes on is, the Google Music Beta, also freely available by invitation only. It is the new music listening hotspot that emulates sites such as Spotify and Grooveshark. Its prospective goal is to consolidate music and its listening tools, hassle free. This could be a huge future investment if musicians put in the time and research to get their music out; however at this point, there are yet to be rave reviews about the program and it definitely needs some debugging of issues and redevelopment. Matthew Lynley, VentureBeat’s GreenBeat writer, gave some insight to the faults and potential improvements for Google Music Beta. This video will also help introduce its concept:

Google+ and its developers are still hard at work in refining the ins and outs of its operating system, and expect Google+ to be the dark horse of the competition in terms of a social media outlet. If this renown search engine lives up to its reputation in the online world, Google+ will be the ultimate tool to use for social networking in the music industry.

For more information:

I also found this awesome free podcast by host Michael Brandvold and co-host Brian Thompson , which may interest you for further understanding the advantages of using Google+.

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